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Silver Lining – Chapter 28

He walked towards her back and set aside her hair to a side. He ran his fingers over her back and unclasped the hook of the blouse which had a inbuilt bra in it. He placed a series of wet kisses on her back with the end of blouse dangling on both sides.
He came to her front and kneel down, untied the knot of underskirt using his teeth. He ran his nose all over her bare tummy making her shudder in pleasure.
He went up and kisses her passionately which is equally reciprocated by her. 

When they parted away, Khushi placed her hand on his shirt to unbutton him which he opposed.

“No baby, today it’s all about you. You just have to lie down and enjoy everything.” He lifted her and made her lie on the bed.

“Baby, now enjoy the show.” Saying this Arnav started to take his cloth off while Khushi laid on the bed watching him.

“I’m not going to free my buddy now or else he will poke my baby a lot.” He said with a wink and laid next to her, raising his head on elbow.

Arnav ran his finger from her forehead to her bellybutton.
“Where should I start baby???”

Khushi looked at him with desire filled eyes.
“Should I start from the top or should I start from the bottom???” He asked making patterns on her tummy. Khushi gulped saliva and looked at him.

“For a change lets start from the bottom today.” Saying this he moved towards her leg.

First he removed her prosthetic and massaged the end of her residual leg or the stump.
Then he took her feet and started placing kisses on it. He left hickies on her inner thighs making her moan in sweet pain. He opened her legs wide and blow air on her panties cladded core making her shiver.

“Let me check how wet you are baby???” Saying this he entered his hand inside her panties and touched her core making her whimper in pleasure. She pressed her leg onto the bed and dragged it as the pleasure invaded her mind.

“Don’t close your eyes and look at me.” Khushi looked at him with mouth open lightly inhaling shallow breathe.

“You are already wet for me baby. I want you dripping with desire today.”

“Ahhh…hmmm” Khushi trembled in pleasure feeling his fingers inside her warm core.Arnav pulled out his fingers and placed a finger in his mouth savouring her flavour.

“You are so delicious. Do you want to try it?” He asked placing another finger in from of her mouth. Khushi opened her mouth and he pushed his index finger into her mouth. She encased his finger in her mouth and sucked his finger making him groan. He pulled out his finger ever so slowly while looking at her.

“How do you taste baby?”

“Good” Khushi said as blush spread around her whole body.

“You are not just good, you are delicious. My sweet angel.” He said burying his face on to her tummy.

He licked her bellybutton and placed kisses on her tummy while his fingers made patterns. Khushi jolted in pleasure and kept pulling his hair.

“Ohhhh…hmmm…ahhh” Khushi kept moaning as he kissed and bitten her. He left series of hickies on her hips and soothe it with his licks. His hands found his way inside her blouse and cupped her globes in his hand as her came up.  She fisted the bedsheet while he created havoc in her.

“It’s time for your blouse to go.” He peeled away her blouse ever so slowly, exposing her twins to his desire filled eyes.

Arnav placed a finger on the bottom of her globe and circled it up to her bud. He did the same to her globe as her globes heaved with her deep breathe. He licked her buds lightly after that.

“Arnav…” Khushi whimpered his name and pushed her breasts up.

“I know baby, I know that you want to….” He sucked her bud harder while kneading the other one roughly.

“….do this to you.” He completed the sentence and got busy in pleasuring her twins. She pulled him closer giving him full access to her mounds.


He fleet kisses all over his shoulder without giving her any hickies. He trailed his kisses to her neck and licked her. He gently bite her jaw and feathered kisses all over her face without touching her lips.

“Ar….” Her voice got muffled as he placed his lips on her lips kissing her ever so passionately. 

They parted away and he looked into her eyes.

“My sunshine.” He called out pouring out his every emotions which brought tears in her eyes.

“My sun.” She said cupping his face and pulling him for a kiss.

They pull apart and Arnav stroked her cheek gently.
“I want to give something sweet to my sweet angel.” Arnav walked towards the table and took out the bottle of honey and a spoon. He poured some honey on the spoon and drinks it.

“It is sooo sweet baby, here have some.” Saying this he placed the tip of the spoon on her lip and slowly let her have the honey. He raised the spoon little higher making the honey to fall all over her mouth. Khushi licked the honey gently till she can.

“Let me taste my real honey then” Arnav coated her lips with some honey and placed his lips on her before she can pick it away. He licked away the honey on her lips and entered his tongue inside her mouth tasting the honey.

He licked away the excess honey around her mouth and kissed her.
“Lets see how it will taste with your supple globes.” He took a spoon full of honey and raised it above her bud, gently pouring it over her bud. Khushi breathed heavier feeling the sticky liquid sliding off from her bud.

“This such a view dear.” Arnav said capturing the image in his mind.

“Lets taste it now.” He lean forward and captured her honey coated bud in his warm mouth. He ran his tongue around her peak before sucking it. He lick off the honey spread over her globe while fondling her other globe.

Khushi kept moaning his name and pulled him closer to her globes.
“Arnavvvv…uhhh….ohhhh.” He did the same to her other breast taking her a roller coaster of erotic pleasure.

Khushi opened her eyes as she lost his contact with her skin. When she opened her eyes she saw him pouring honey on her cleavage. He moved the spoon downward letting the liquid spill over her tummy.

“There is a little bit honey left over in this spoon. Where should I pour it now???” Arnav asked Khushi who have her hands fisted on the sheet.

“I think your cute bellybutton can hold it.” Saying this he poured the excess honey into the bellybutton dip.


“Don’t move your tummy so fast or else you will spill the honey. I will suck it away for you baby.”

Khushi tried her best not to move her tummy. His licks all over her cleavage and tummy made it hard to do so. She swirled her leg and fisted the sheet as he licked away the honey with kisses ever so passionately. She chanted his name like a mantra.

“Thanks for not spilling the honey baby.” Arnav dipped his tongue inside her bellybutton and sucked away the honey. He trailed kisses to her panties cladded core and stood up to take off his boxer.

Khushi blushed seeing him hard with desire for her.
“Your this blush is enough to make me hard like this.” He sat in between her legs and pulled away her panties. He parted her legs wide, revealing her hidden soft petals.

“You are socking too much baby.” Saying this he licked her once and came up.

“Do you want to have some honey dear?” He asked caring her cheeks and she nodded her head. Arnav dipped his finger into the bottle and coated honey on his finger.

“Open your sweet mouth baby” Khushi opened her mouth as he said and enclosed his finger in her mouth savouring the honey.

He dipped his finger in honey and delved it into her sheath making her hiss in pleasure.

“Let me taste you properly now.” Saying this Arnav enclosed his mouth over her honey dipped core. He sweep his tongue all over her core while squeezing her globes taking her into a pleasure ride.

“Arnavvv…yes…hmm…ahhh…arhhh” He probed into her savouring her.

“Arnav…I’m…” Khushi couldn’t finish her sentence as she gushed into his mouth. 

Her honey filled juice dripping into his mouth as he takes his fill. Khushi laid there panting as he hovered her and kissed her with full passion. She tasted herself with a pinch on honey.

“You are magnificent, do you know that??” He asked her cupping her face.

“Because I belongs to a magnificent man.” She said garlanding her arms around him.

“Arnav, come to me. I want you in me…I want to feel you deep in me. I can’t take it anymore.” She said wrapped her leg around him.

“Your wish my command.” He said kissing her forehead and took out the packet underneath the pillow. He worn the protection and teased her by rubbing without entering.

“Don’t tease me Arnav. I need you badly.”

“Look into my eyes baby.” Arnav said and with a stroke he buried himself inside her. He started to thrust in and out of her making her moan his name.

“Baby, the way you clench around me. Ohhhh…” He moan out feeling immense pleasure as her muscles squeezed him. Arnav placed his forehead on her forehead and supported himself with a hand while other hand fondled her globes.

“I’m on edge.” Khushi announced as he increased his pace.

“Together…now baby.” He said feeling their impending climax.


“Khushiii” Both of them shouted each other’s name as they hit euphoria. They both panted looking into each other’s eyes. Arnav tried to move out of her but she didn’t let him go.

“Stay like this for some time.”

“Baby, I won’t be able to control if I stay inside of you. I could get harder within seconds baby.”

“Then let it be.” As soon as she announced that, he twiched inside her.

“See what you have done now?” Arnav asked eyeing downwards which made her giggle.

“F***” Arnav said closing his eyes as he felt himself getting hard because of her giggle.

“Baby, you are killing me.”

“We can solve it Arnav, so are you ready for round two??”

“If you are ready, I don’t have any problem.”

“I’m always ready to take my man in.” She tightened her hold around his hips using her leg.

“My baby gets what she want.” They set the age old rhythm again which took them to the ultimate peck of pleasure.

Arnav pulled out of her and laid down next to her as they panted. He pulled her closed to him and wrapped his arms around her. Khushi placed her head on his chest and hugged him.

“Sleep baby, I have tired you enough.”

“You too sleep, you have done a lot of hardwork.”

“It’s not a hardwork. It’s my favourite work.” He pecked her lips making her smile.

“Anyway let’s sleep now.” Khushi said and Arnav pulled the blanket over them.
Both of them drifted into sleep while being in each other’s arms.